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Welcome to our extensive buyer’s guide on all things insulation. Removal? Installation? Everything is answered below. Explore our page for more details on our insulation services.

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The Extensive Guide on Insulation Perth

Are you aware that having proper insulation inside your home will reduce your energy bills? That same insulation will also help regulate your temperature. This means that you will not be freezing one minute and roasting the next!

We understand how you want to be comfortable inside your home all year long. It’s only human. This is why we know how important of a role we play for all your insulation Perth needs. Whether you need your insulation simply installed or you need it removed and then a new insulation installed, we are the company for you!

Due to the ongoing demand of insulation services Perth we have seen with Roof Repairs Perth WA, we felt that we simply needed to open the doors for RCIP. This will ensure even better service for you when it comes to all your insulation Perth needs.

What is Insulation?

As a business, we like to make sure you know everything you can about your home and the items that are inside. While we are sure that you are somewhat aware of what insulation is – we want to give you a better understanding of our insulation solution.

Insulation is a material that is installed to prevent heat from being transferred from one section to another. It also helps decrease sound transfer.

The types of insulation are slightly different, but they all basically provide the same result. Roof insulation, ceiling insulation, wall insulation – even bulk insulation, are all services that we can provide.

The materials used for insulation are usually full of tiny air pockets. Those small pockets of air are perfect insulators. In fact, it is those air pockets that create the higher thermal resistance in insulation.

All insulation has something that’s called R values. Your R value determines how well your home will be insulated from the outside air. The higher the R value of your insulation, the better the results.

inspecting old wool insulation

What Does Insulation Do for Your Home?

As mentioned above, insulation will control the temperature inside your home. It will also control the sound between floors and rooms. Thermal insulation is used within ceilings and walls to keep the heat either in or out of your home. On those warmer Summer days of the year, the thermal insulation will prevent the hot air from outside from coming in. It will also keep the cooler air inside your home.

Of course, on cooler days, you will want the heat flow to stay inside your home. The insulation will then prevent the colder air from invading your home, keeping the heating internal.

Certain rooms in a home normally require acoustic insulation. Those rooms include home theaters, game rooms, and music rooms. You may even need extra acoustic insulation from all the external noise around your home. This is normal for those homeowners who live near an airport, industrial park, train tracks, and busy roads.

When it comes to sound control, you may need to use acoustic insulation. However, some types of insulation will provide temperature and acoustic control. We can help you find the insulation that will fit all your needs.

As we mentioned above, some insulation can provide sound and temperature control. However, most insulation works better for one than the other. Therefore, you must know what results you want and need before purchasing your insulation for installation. We will work with you to make sure the insulation we install in your home have the results you desire.

ready to begin insulation process
wool insulation

FAQs for Insulation

There are so many things that you think you must know when it comes to insulation for your home. You can easily forget most of them though. Therefore, we are sharing the FAQs that you must know about insulation before you get started.

  1. What does the R-value mean for insulation?

The R-value of insulation is also referred to as thermal resistance. We almost always recommend high R-values, because they offer so much more insulation power. The best part about R-values is each type of insulation with the same R-value will have the same insulation power. Therefore, you will not need to change your R-value every time you consider a new insulation material.

  1. What R-value insulation do I need in Perth?

The amount of insulation your house should have is dependent on where you live. Insulation should be a minimum R-value of 4.1 for ceilings and 2.8 for walls. These R-values can change over time though. We keep up to date with those changes and will always make sure you are meeting at least the new minimum when it comes to your new insulation.

  1. What should be included in the insulation estimate and contract?

When an insulation business gives you an estimate or contract to sign, there should be specific items included. Here at RCIP, we include the type of insulation, the exact R-values, where the insulation will be placed, the specifications for the job, and the exact cost. We also include the warranty information in writing. All this information ensures you know exactly what you are getting with your new insulation.

  1. Can new insulation be installed over old insulation?

As long as your old insulation is in excellent condition, the new insulation can be installed on top. If there is any mold, damage, or any other issues, the older insulation would need to be removed first.

  1. Which areas should I insulate in my home?

Most people think of walls and attics when they consider insulating their homes. However, did you know you should also insulate any unheated spaces, cathedral ceilings, floors located over unheated areas or crawl spaces, and basement walls? This insulation will help regulate the temperature in all these rooms, while also offering some necessary soundproofing.

  1. Is a home energy assessment necessary?

If you are unsure what type of insulation your home has or your energy bill is skyrocketing, we recommend a home energy assessment. This will allow us to discover any missing insulation, locate drafts, and even measure the ventilation throughout your home. We can then make necessary recommendations according to what we discover.

  1. Is  insulation mandatory in WA?

Insulation is not mandatory for residential property, unless it is being rented out to a tenant.

  1. What is the best house insulation in Australia?

We highly recommend Bradford Gold as the best and ‘gold standard’ for home insulation purposes in Australia.

  1. Is it worth installing insulation?

Yes. Insulation helps in reducing energy bills and helps you stay comfortable within your home through temperate control.

  1. What is the cheapest way to insulate?

The absolute cheapest way to insulate your home is to Do-It-Yourself with correct knowledge. Of course, this is not always the best or safest option for most homeowners, so we also recommend finding a trustworthy insulation professional to ensure you’re not being ripped off. Poor installation of your insulation will only lead to further costs and headache down the line.

  1. Where should you NOT put insulation?

You should not put insulation above ceiling gas vents, electric down lights, electric wires. Insulation should also not be too close to fire chimney vents/flues, nor too close to roof tiles, as this can transfer moisture to the ceiling board.

  1. What is the most efficient home insulation?

We highly recommend a mixture of roof sarking under roof tiles in combination with Bradford Gold insulation batts within your ceiling.

Please know that RCIP will be here for you when it comes to the insulation inside your home. We have years of experience with removing and installing new insulation. Therefore, if you have any questions about yours, even if it just for your peace of mind, please feel free to give us a call and let us check it out.

Insulation Installation

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