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Ceiling Repairs Perth

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Gyprock Ceiling Repairs

Gyprock or Plasterboard ceilings are usually found in newer homes. Click below for more information on repairs.

Plaster Glass Ceiling Fixes

Plaster Glass ceilings are usually found in older homes. If your ceiling needs repairs, please click the link below.


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Everything You Need to Know About Your Ceiling Repair

How often do you look up at the ceilings inside your home? If you are like most homeowners, you may glance up once a year or two. Which might also be why in the movies, youโ€™ll see the person hide up on the ceilings when thereโ€™s no other route to escape! The only time you may look up more often is if you suspect an issue or it is time to put another coat of paint onto this section of your home.

Here at RCIP, we spend a lot of time looking at ceilings. We’ve also spent a lot of time as ceiling repair specialists, so you could say we know a thing or two about ceilings. Our added services of roof repair, roof restoration, and insulation services only allow us to provide a more well-rounded wholesome experience for our clients.

We can easily walk into your house and spot an issue with your ceiling. You may not even know an issue exists yet, but we will know and will bring it to your attention.

We have one goal and that is to keep your ceiling over your head and keep it looking as nice and as new as it did when it was first installed. To reach that goal, we provide many different types of ceiling repair services. This ensures we have the skills and tools to make your ceilings look exactly as it did before the damage occurred.

Different Types of Ceilings

As with everywhere else in the world, there are many different types of ceilings in Perth. While you may not know what type of ceiling you currently have, one glance at the following list will have you figuring it out quickly.

  • Flat Plasterboard Ceiling โ€“ One of the most common ceilings in Perth is the flat plasterboard ceiling. These ceilings are flat and white. The only things that makes them slightly visually appealing are the cornices and ceiling lights. Most of the plasterboard ceilings we see in Perth are installed using Gyprock.
  • Coffered Ceiling โ€“ A coffered ceiling will feature cross beams and exposed beams. There are also sunken panels in this type of ceiling.
  • Suspended Ceiling โ€“ We do not see too many suspended ceilings inside homes. These types of ceilings are basically ceiling panels that are hung from wires. The panels hang down from those wires and create the ceiling at the height that was desired.
  • Cathedral Ceiling โ€“ Cathedral ceilings are those ceilings that everyone wants in their home. These ceilings are quite high. They create a feeling that the rooms are more spacious than they already are.
  • Drop Ceiling โ€“ If you have ductwork or other fittings up in your ceiling, you most likely have a drop ceiling installed. These ceilings allow for other features to be tucked away above.
  • Beam Ceiling โ€“ These ceilings have beams exposed on the inside of a home. Beam ceilings are considered one of the more traditional ceiling styles.
  • Stretch Ceiling โ€“ A stretch ceiling uses a stretched material like PVC. These are the ceilings you will want to install if you are looking for additional flexibility in your home designs.
  • Hollow-Core Slab Ceiling โ€“ If you have a two-story home, you may very likely have hollow-core slab ceilings. These ceilings are lightweight yet are quite strong.
  • Vermiculite Ceiling โ€“ Vermiculite ceilings is the official name of the ceilings that everyone calls popcorn ceilings. This type of ceiling was very popular decades ago. No one really knows why though! There is an upside for this ceiling type. They have always been good options for those homeowners looking for soundproofing and fireproofing for their home.

plaster glass

athens ceiling

simple gyprock panels

Materials Used for Ceilings Perth

There are so many materials that can be used for ceilings in Perth. The most common material is Gyprock plasterboard. This material is used for flat plasterboard ceilings. Those are the most popular ceilings in Perth right now.

However, that doesnโ€™t mean you are stuck with Gyprock plasterboard ceilings in your home or your future home. You can have panels made from polystyrene, pressed metal, tin, and many other materials. There are many intricate detail pieces made from plaster, but that doesnโ€™t mean that you canโ€™t choose those same decorative pieces in other materials.

Not too sure what you have? Usually, apart from Gyprock plasterboard, the most common ceiling material is plasterglass. We are not only experts in gyprock ceiling repair, but other materials too.

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Ceiling Issues that Occur Over the Years

There are many types of ceiling issues and damage that can occur over the years. While many types of ceiling damage can be prevented with routine maintenance, some cannot. It is essential you have professional ceiling fixers give you their professional opinion.

Most people do not notice their ceiling damage until it is almost too late. This is one of the reasons why we urge people to inspect their ceilings routinely. A little bit of forethought can mean a lot less money spent on ceiling repairs later on.

From our experience as ceiling contractors in Perth, the most common ceiling issues that occur over the years are as follows:

  • Cracked Ceilings โ€“ Cracked ceilings are never a good thing. A crack can look like a straight line or it can look like a spiderweb. These cracks must be repaired immediately. Failure to do so can result in major damage that will take longer to repair.
  • Stained Ceilings โ€“ Stains in your ceiling can be caused by a multitude of problems. It is best to hire a professional like RCIP to investigate the issue. This ensures you solve the problem instead of covering it up.
  • Peeling Paint โ€“ The paint on your ceiling may start to chip and peel due to age. However, another issue could be something like moisture or water damage. It is important to find out what is causing your chipping and peeling paint before you simply add another coat to cover it all up.
  • Sagging Ceilings โ€“ A buckling, sagging, or bowing ceiling is the last thing you want to see when you look up! When ceiling damage has become extensive, your ceiling will start to cave into the pressure. Immediate action is required to prevent a potential ceiling collapse.

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The Main Causes of Ceiling Damage

While almost anything can cause ceiling issues, there are a few main causes that you should always keep an eye out for.

  • Aging โ€“ The age of your home and ceiling can be the cause of the ceiling damage you are seeing. Most of the ceiling damage in this case will be cosmetic. The damage is usually cracking. It is important to fix those cracks though. One reason is fixing the cracks will make your ceiling look a lot better. The second reason is it will make it a lot easier to know when you have a more serious problem.
  • Structural Issues โ€“ Any structural issues you are having with your home can cause ceiling damage.
  • Moisture โ€“ Moisture in a ceiling can cause lots of staining. Most of the moisture will be from too much condensation or humidity. You will see these ceiling stains in bathrooms and kitchens most of the time. It is still possible to see staining from moisture in other rooms in your home though.
  • Water Leaks โ€“ Water leaks cause so many different types of ceiling damage. In fact, the cause of almost all the ceiling damage listed above can be water leaks. You may not even be aware you have a water leak, because it can be hidden behind a wall. Or water can be leaking through the roof into your attic.

Ceiling Fixer Services We Provide

We offer all types of ceiling fixer services in Perth. They range from the most basic services to the extreme services of fixing ceilings that are ready to completely cave in. The severity of the issue doesnโ€™t change how we approach every ceiling we repair though.

Before we start any ceiling service, we go out to the home and do a complete inspection. From there, we determine what the issue is, how it needs to be fixed, and we go over it all with you. We then put everything in writing for you, so there is never any confusion over what is being completed.

Our ceiling fixers services include:

  • Cracked Ceiling โ€“ One of our most common ceilings Perth jobs is ceiling cracks. We evaluate the cracks in your ceiling and find the root of the cause. Once the problem is resolved, we then spackle the area, sand it down, and get the ceiling ready for paint so it looks like new.
  • Sagging Ceilings โ€“ As we mentioned above, sagging ceilings are extremely dangerous. You never know when the entire ceiling could collapse, so you must call us immediately for an assessment. We wonโ€™t know how we can fix it until we see where the sagging is occurring and determine the problem that is causing it. We will quickly create a plan to keep your ceiling from sagging any further. The next step will be to correct the problem and fix your ceiling. This will ensure your ceiling is straight once again. Depending on the circumstance, your sagging ceiling may require a ceiling restrapping.
  • Mouldy Ceilings โ€“ While you may think there is nothing worse than a sagging ceiling, we can tell you that mould is what we may consider the worst. Excessive humidity, additional moisture, and poor insulation creates a breeding ground for mould. By the time the mould has reached your ceilings, you most likely have a mould issue in other parts of your home. During our assessment, we will tell you why you have mould and where it is coming from. We will then get it cleaned out and get your ceiling back to its mould-free self.
  • Gyprock Repairs โ€“ Since Gyprock plasterboard ceilings are the most common, you can be sure we’ve done our fair share of these specific type of repairs. There are many factors involved with Gyprock plasterboard repairs. With so many variables, it is better to not list them all here. Instead, read here for more information on gyprock ceiling repairs.
  • Plaster Glass Repairs โ€“ There are so many different repairs that can be made to plaster glass ceilings. We spend our time fixing all visible cracks and holes. We re-attach the plaster glass ceiling back to the timbers. We can also secure a strapping system to the upper side of the plaster glass ceiling to keep it securely in place. Many times, we perform ceiling repairs on these types of ceilings for aesthetic reasons. However, do not let your guard down, because ceiling damage can occur in any type of ceiling material.
  • Cracked Cornice Repairs โ€“ Cracked cornices may be unsightly. Did you know they are dangerous too? A piece can easily fall off and hit someone below. It is best to determine why the cornice is cracked before making the repair. This will help keep the cornice from cracking a second time.
  • All Water Damage Repairs โ€“ There may be a time when water causes damage that is not listed above. Do not worry if you do not see your specific type of ceiling damage on our list. We do all types of water damage repairs, so your ceiling Perth is as good as new.

As you can see, there are many different types of repair services we can provide for your existing ceiling. This is the main reason why we opened our doors at RCIP. We wanted to make sure we could provide the quality workmanship that all our customers deserve. Contact our ceiling repair experts today – we provide services for Perth CBD and beyond.

It can be difficult to know when you need someone to come out and check on your ceilings Perth. We like to tell people to check their ceilings once a month or so. This will ensure you notice any changes quickly.

Ceiling Repairs FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions in relation to ceiling repairs.

  1. How much does fixing a ceiling cost?
    The cost of repairing a ceiling can vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. It depends what work is required to make the ceiling safe, make the ceiling aesthetically pleasing, or making any modifications/maintenance. Please ensure you get in touch with a trustworthy ceiling professional to get a custom quote tailored towards your needs.
  2. How much does it cost to fix bowing ceiling?
    The cost to repair a bowing or sagging ceiling can vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. This varies based on the severity of the damage and the work involved to ensure your ceiling is structurally safe and sound.
  3. How does it cost to replace a ceiling Australia?
    Replacing a ceiling is usually for the most worst case scenarios, simply due to the labour and time involved. Our team will always try to see if it is better cost-benefit-wise to repair your ceiling. The total cost of replacing a ceiling varies from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. To get a customised quote, seek out a trustworthy ceiling professional.
  4. Can a section of ceiling be replaced?
    Yes, especially if your ceiling is made of gyprock, also known as drywall and plasterboard.
  5. What is the cheapest way to replace a ceiling?
    Do-It-Yourself with the correct knowledge will always be the cheapest way. However, we do not always recommend this due to the potential safety concerns. Furthermore, incorrect removal and installation of your ceiling can only lead to further costs and headaches down the line.

Ceiling Repairs Perth

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Gyprock Ceiling Repairs

Gyprock or Plasterboard ceilings are usually found in newer homes. Click below for more information on repairs.

Plaster Glass Ceiling Fixes

Plaster Glass ceilings are usually found in older homes. If your ceiling needs repairs, please click the link below.


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