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Sagging ceilings are common because of the dry climate in Perth. Homes built before 1990 had plaster glass ceilings installed, which are different from plasterboard and it involves the use of saddle straps. Eventually, the straps are worn away which causes them to break with the key of the plaster against the joists being lost and the sagging effect begins.


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Is Your Plaster Glass Ceiling Sagging? 

A sagging ceiling is not only unappealing, but it can be a potential safety hazard. When the problem is not fixed it could lead to ceiling collapse, which can cause major damage to your home and injury to those who live in it.

Most times, a sagging ceiling is caused by water damage and when there is moisture build-up, it increases the risk of termites, mould and electrical issues. Substandard glue, poor building practices and age may also be contributing factors to damage caused to this area. Remember, the sooner the issue is addressed, the easier it will be to fix. For minor ceiling sagging, a re-strapping may be all that is needed.

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water damaged ceiling
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How Can I Spot A Ceiling That Needs Restrapping?

A sagging ceiling is best spotted under light especially in the evening. If you see one or more visible lines that are running across the ceiling, then it’s most likely a sagging ceiling and should be restrapped. Other signs of ceiling that need restrapping include

  • Screw holes showing.
  • Visible join lines throughout rooms.
  • Visible gaps between ceiling and timber rafters inside roof space.
  • Bow in the ceiling.
  • Noises or cracking sounds.
  • By pushing on sections of your ceiling and if there is any movement then your ceiling needs restrapping.

Need more information? We go in-depth on our sagging ceilings repairs guide.

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