A small introduction

A New Approach to Home Improvement

Based in Perth, Western Australia and with a wealth of experience and highly skilled personnel, RCI Perth is your one-stop-shop for all Roofing, Ceiling, and Insulation services.


Your One Stop Shop

It really doesn’t get more convenient than that


Over 20 years of experience

Experienced in getting the job done right – the first time


Two Brothers. One Service

Deal directly with Vinnie (Director) & Adam (Supervisor)


For Perth. By Perth

Local Aussie products specific for Perth’s unique climate

Born Out of Demand

In a nutshell, RCI Perth is the sister company of the top-rated Roof Repairs Perth WA company. RRPWA is Perth’s go-to roofing company simply because of our attention to detail and treating people like.. people.

RCI Perth was essentially created as we had noticed many of our Roofing clients, also required ceiling & insulation services.

Rather than contract this work to teams that we cannot vouch the quality on, we decided it would be best to create an all-in-one solution.

As our roofing services continue to be in high demand year-round, RCI Perth caters for those that are interested in a holistic approach to their roof, ceiling, and insulation issues.

Run by the same brother duo of Vinnie (Director) and Adam (Supervisor) you can be assured that our quality workmanship and professional level of service remains consistent throughout all our services.

Get the Job Done Right. The First Time.

What We Do

Some years ago, the vision of providing home improvement services came into reality. RCI Perth believed in treating customers like family, creating unique concepts, sourcing quality products, and providing exceptional repair and installation services at a fair price.

Our team was formed to provide Perth residents with the ultimate convenient one-stop-shop for all Roofing, Ceiling, and Insulation services.

Equipped with an experienced team, and Australian-sourced products, our team provides you with the easiest and professional level of service.
ceiling painting repair
insulaton removal

Quality Services

We have a team of professional craftsmen who specialise in all aspects of home improvement. From ceiling repair, gyprock ceilings, insulation installation, roof repair, and roof replacement. There is no project too small or big for our team to handle.

RCI Perth understands life is busy and will strive to accommodate a date suitable for your initial inspection. Contact RCI Perth today to get outstanding results and exceptional customer service for property improvements at your commercial or residential building.


At RCI Perth, we are driven by distinctive performance, flawless customer service and quality results. Convenience has been our watchword and it has earned us uncommon reputation for leadership, performance and integrity. We are known for doing work to the highest standards in the industry as it delivers reliable commitment and exceptional quality across the country.

Whatever your enquiry is, no matter how big or small, we have created a one-stop-shop platform for you to have all your Roofing, Ceiling, and Insulation issues resolved – Now that’s convenience!


With over 18 years of experience, we at RCI Perth, are proud to call ourselves the absolute best at what we do! Our team of experts in all Roofing, Ceiling and Insulation services allows us to provide a superior level of service. From beginning to end, you will notice a difference in the level of service and quality workmanship you receive from our team.

RCI Perth is one of the most experienced Roofing, Ceiling, and Insulation companies in Perth, Australia. We have installed thousands of durable and solid roofs. We also offer insulation installation and ceiling services using only high-quality materials installed by our knowledgeable and experienced specialists.


At RCI Perth, we keep our services as personalised as possible. Upon your initial enquiry, you will be contacted by our Director, Vinnie, who will provide you with a quote and consultation. Vinnie oversees the entire project and ensures that your issue is resolved in a professional and timely manner.

Friendly service and personalised work is what RCI Perth prides itself on. If you have a roof or ceiling that needs improvement, call RCI Perth today to provide you with a free quote. Vinnie, and his team, believes in becoming a contractor for life for each home and business owner that we serve. To this day, the same method is upheld as the foundation of RCI Perth. The thousands of Perth families we have served over the years have grown to know this approach as the best way.

We are proud of providing large-scaled operations but through a direct, face-to-face, personalised angle. This is what makes us different from others.


At RCI Perth, we not only take great pride in the work that we do, we also take great pride in the fact that our company is Australian born and bred. Thatโ€™s why we largely use Australian-based products, which means that all our services are catered solely for the needs of Australian homes.

There are not many other countries that experience such extreme seasonal climates as Australia and therefore the requirements of Australian homes can differ significantly to residents of other countries. The products we use keep this in mind and have been developed specifically for the Australian elements.

As we are a local company, we have experts who are familiar with every region in Perth. RCI Perth is qualified and experienced in a wide range of roofing, ceiling, and insulation services in Perth and surrounding areas. Whether you are making improvements for your own benefit or are looking to add value to your property, you can trust RCI Perth to do all the work needed. Talk to us about ways to improve your home in Perth, Australia.

Why Choose Us?

We know there are many companies for you to choose from in Perth, and we know that handling the details well is what separates us from our competitors. RCI Perth is different because we host all Roofing, Ceiling, and Insulation services under the one roof to provide you with the most convenient service possible. Equipped with years of experience in the Perth region, our team will not only ensure a professional service but one that is catered towards the needs of our Australian climate. Finally, what many of our return clients have complimented is our ability to provide large-scaled operations but through a direct, face-to-face, personalised angle. This is what makes us different from others.

Our Director, Vinnie, will personally assess your situation and oversee all projects from beginning to end. Contact us now to get a free quote.

For all Roofing, Ceiling, and Insulation enquiries, please contact RCI Perth on 0405 911 287 or click here to arrange a free quotation.