Gyprock Ceiling Repairs Perth

RCI Perth is your go-to stop for gyprock fixers Perth services. We are professional and have many years of experience offering a wide array of ceiling repair services such as: ceiling repair, plasterboard ceiling, gyprock ceiling repair, and sagging ceiling repair.


Gyprock, which is a type of plasterboard, is the most popular choice for ceilings in Perth, Australia. Gyprock plasterboard is a dry wall plastering that is used to create partition walls and line walls. This material is reliable, and it brings life to any room it is installed in. The best part is that repairing a ceiling constructed using gyprock is not as expensive as it would be if you used other materials.

At RCI Perth, we are your gyprock ceiling repairs expert in Perth. We cater to all gyprock ceiling repairs, and finishing ready for paint. From framing stud wall, suspended or grid ceilings to the insulation installation and ceiling fixing. Our quality workmanship continues to satisfy our clients.

Common Gyprock Ceiling Repair Issues

Gyprock might seem like a breeze to repair and some people might attempt some DIY process to repair it. But, we strongly advise that in order to correctly ensure it’s done right and to avoid further issues, an expert should be left to do it so that you get the best and long-lasting result.

Here at RCI Perth, we have seen many common issues that require repairs of gyprock ceilings. These ceiling damage issues include:

  • Cracks in the Ceiling
  • Parting in Between the Gyprock
  • Mould – This is the WORST!
  • Dampness – Which Can Cause Many Other Issues
  • Sagging Ceilings (Water Damage) – Which Can Always Lead to Ceiling Collapse

Reasons Issues Occur with Gyprock Ceilings

Unfortunately, we have seen far too many gyprock ceilings installed incorrectly. Some ceiling contractor companies are in such a hurry to do a specific number of homes in a week, that they rush through this process. This is not something we believe in or do.

Of course, there are other reasons why you may start seeing issues with your gyprock ceilings. Those reasons include:

  • Ceilings were Installed Using Outdated Standards and Codes – The AS/NZS standards do not change often, but they are updated as our knowledge grows. If your gyprock ceilings were installed many years ago, or the people you hired didn’t bother staying up to date with the standards, you will see many more problems with your ceilings than other people will.
  • Fixings were Not Applied within the Standard Intervals
  • Entire Stages of the Fixings Were Not Carried Out

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Gyprock Repair Process

When you start to see that your gyprock ceiling is damaged, you are going to think that you can easily do a little DIY and problem solved! However, we can tell you that repairing gyprock ceilings is a little more intense than you are thinking. Anything that you attempt that isn’t right is likely to cause more issues for you in the future.

We urge you to give us a call here at RCI Perth. We can come out to do a full inspection of your gyprock ceilings. Yes, we check them all, because if one has an issue, there is a better chance that they all do. And we like to make sure we leave you with amazing ceilings throughout when we are finished.

We will first check to see that the adhesive and ceiling fixings were applied at the intervals they should have been. This hasn’t been the case in many scenarios, and it is an important part of the repair process.

Once we get that out of the way, we will talk to you about what we need to do to repair your gyprock ceilings. Potentially your issue may also be linked to your cornice, your gyprock wall, etc. – all of which would be analysed. There may be times when we cannot simply repair your gyprock ceiling though and, in those scenarios, we will be telling you that it is best to replace it completely.

We will then either make the repairs or start replacing your damaged ceiling. Our skilled team will use all the up to date codes and standards, including back-blocking at all the standard intervals that are required. This is done inside the roof, so you will never have any cracks along the joints in the future. Our goal is to ensure you do not need to do any other maintenance on your ceilings in the future. However, some light annual ceiling maintenance does not hurt to expand the lifespan of your ceiling and prevent further issues.

Free Quotes for Your Gyprock Ceiling Repairs

Here at RCI Perth, we don’t feel it is necessary to charge anyone to get a quote for work that needs to be done. That is simply not how we operate. Therefore, you should never worry about calling us up to look at your gyprock ceilings. The worst thing that can happen for us is we can show up, look at your ceilings, and determine there is nothing wrong with them. We will have met another amazing person and we will be happy that you will be safe in your own home.

We have a long-distinguished record of repairing custom-made plasterboard ceilings for residential clients in Perth and the surrounding area. Our team will always be available to offer information and advice about your gyprock ceilings and the repairs that need to be made. Our entire team works efficiently and quickly to provide a higher standard of work to exceed all our clients’ expectations.

Cost of Gyprock Ceiling Repairs

Gyprock ceiling repairs costs do not need to leave a hole in your pocket, nor do they need to destroy your budget. However, your repair costs can be influenced by many things that include:

  • The Overall Severity of Your Damage
  • The Height of Your Walls
  • The Style of Your Gyprock Ceiling
  • The Type of Work Involved
  • The Size of the Room

Don’t worry though, even all those things can be pocket-friendly when you are working with RCI Perth.

In need of a Perth ceiling fixer? Specifically a Gyprock fixer? Contact us today, so our owner, Vinnie, can come out to personally access your situation and provide you a free quote. He will then oversee your project from beginning to end. We guarantee maximum satisfaction on all our gyprock ceiling repairs.

For all Roofing, Ceiling, and Insulation enquiries, please contact RCI Perth on 0405 911 287 or click here to arrange a free quotation.