Get Your Plaster Glass Ceiling Fixed

Plaster glass ceiling repairs are normally associated with older homes and can provide aesthetically pleasing features in the home. These ceilings are made from a super fine grade of plaster reinforced with glass filaments which are fixed to the ceiling spars with the use of fibre glass straps. As they age, these straps break from the ceiling spars and result in sagging and visible cracking of the ceiling.

Plaster Glass Ceilings Repairs in Perth

Plaster glass ceilings are aesthetically pleasing and add intricate ornate details to any room they are in. You will find these types of ceilings in many older homes in Perth and the surrounding areas. We love seeing these types of plaster glass ceilings, because they really add character to a home.

Repair Your Plaster Glass Ceilings Instead of Replacing Them

Unfortunately, too many people are deciding to completely replace their plaster glass ceilings instead of repairing them. Sometimes, this is due to cost and other times it is due to having no idea who to hire to bring these plaster glass ceilings back to their original beauty.

Of course, this is also because so many roofing companies want to get in and get out in a short amount of time. Those companies also don’t have a team of experts for repairing plaster glass ceilings. They only specialize in gyprock, which can be easily put into place and installed at no time at all.

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How RCI Perth Can Assist with Your Plaster Glass Ceilings Repairs

Thankfully, here at RCI Perth, we have a team of plaster glass ceiling experts who are certified in plaster glass ceiling repair. A few plaster glass ceiling repair services we offer include:

  • Securing Your Ceilings with a Sturdy Hessian Strapping System – This will be installed on the top of your plaster glass ceiling and attached to the inside of the roof.
  • Prop-Jacking Plaster Glass Ceilings Back to the Timbers
  • Amending All the Unsightly Holes
  • Fixing and Flushing Out Any of the Visible Cracks

We are passionate about saving all the plaster glass ceilings out there in Perth and the surrounding areas. We don’t care how long it takes complete, as long as it looks beautiful at the end.

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More Information on the Re-Strapping Process for Plaster Glass Ceilings Repairs

When we go in with the new sturdy hessian strapping system, we do more than attach this system in place. We begin by removing any old insulation if needed and moving the rest of it out of the way. We them use a powerful vacuum to remove any debris and dirt in the area.

At this point, we start the prop-jacking process, so we can attach the new strapping system. We do not remove the prop jacks until the next day, because we want to make sure the new strapping system has set and will hold your ceiling in place.

Two Signs You Need Plaster Glass Ceilings Repairs

There are two things you must look for when determining if your plaster glass ceilings require repairs. The first is cracks in your ceilings and the second is a sagging ceiling. Both are unsightly, but obviously the second one is a lot more dangerous.

Cracked ceilings can start as a small line or a brown spot on your ceiling. These cracks can be from roof damage or from something else. If you begin to hear any cracking noises coming from your ceiling, notice the lines are getting worse, or that blistering is forming, you will want to give us a call right away. You will also want to keep an eye out for any plaster falling to the ground.

Some plaster glass ceilings may require maintenance for aesthetic reasons and repairing the problem may be enough to ensure it doesn’t get any worse. An early intervention is a cost-effective solution without the need for a whole ceiling replacement.

As we mentioned, sagging ceilings are much worse and at least 70% of them are caused by water damage from leaking pipes or rain. The sagging will get worse over time and will become a risk to you and your family.

You should only have a sagging ceiling repaired by professionals to ensure the structure of your roof is still sound. The ceiling itself needs to be carefully removed in sections, while the supporting walls and roof are structurally repaired. Once the supported structures are renovated and the cause of the issue is solved, we will then systematically rebuild your interior plaster glass ceiling to match the current design and integrate any current cornices.

Here at RCI Perth, we understand how amazing plaster glass ceilings really are and we want to help you preserve the ones you have in your home. At any time, we will come out to do a full inspection and provide a free quote of the work that needs to be completed. We guarantee all the work we do on plaster glass ceilings and know that you will be happy with the repairs we do.

Call us today to see how we can fix even the smallest blemish on your plaster glass ceiling.

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