Ceiling Repairs Perth

Ceilings provide much needed overhead protection from extreme temperatures, and debris floating in the air. They also hold insulation in and keep unsightly pipes and beams undercover. While you may not give your home’s ceilings much thought, when they start to show signs of damage, the sooner you consider repairs – the better.

Professional Ceiling Repairs Perth Services

RCI Perth was created to offer ceiling repairs services to residential clients in Perth. As each job is distinctive, our dedicated and qualified team will take the time to provide you with the best solution for each individual job. We facilitate ceiling repairs in new builds and renovations, sagging ceilings, water damage, ceiling maintenance and patching needs.

Experiencing Ceiling Issues and Require Ceiling Repairs Perth? Check Out the Most Common Ceiling Issues

Ceilings may seem like they have an easy job, because they are high up in your home. They don’t really get walked on like floors do. And while you may hang one or two items from your ceilings, they don’t get the bulk of hanging items like walls do.

All that does not mean that ceilings do not have it rough though. They do actually support a lot of your home. The ceilings underneath a second floor really does a lot, because you are always adding extra weight from above.

Once you add in all the stuff that can occur to damage ceilings, your ceilings may not be feeling the love you think they should. This is when ceiling repairs normally come into play and that is why we opened the doors to RCIP.

We want all ceilings in Perth to look just as amazing as they did when they were first installed. There is no reason why you should live with cracks in your ceilings or even a sagging ceiling. You can easily call us, and we can come out to access and repair the damage.

Common Ceiling Issues We See for Ceiling Repairs Perth

There are so many different ceiling issues we see when we do ceiling repairs for Perth residents. Of course, there are always a couple ceiling repairs we do not do as often as others. That doesn’t mean we are not capable of fixing any ceiling issue we encounter.

We are always enhancing our skills, so we keep up with the latest developments and best practices.

Here are the more common ceiling issues we see:

  • Stained Ceilings – Stained ceilings can be caused by so many things. One of the most common causes is water, but that is not always the case. It is better to have us come out to assess your stains instead of avoiding them. By avoiding them, you are taking a chance that the stain is going to grow. More damage will then occur. This will make ceiling repairs take longer. Those larger repairs will be more expensive too.
  • Chipping and Peeling Paint – Paint on ceilings can start to chip and peel over time. However, subtle ceiling damage can cause this same problem. Therefore, RCIP always recommends having your ceiling inspected before you slap another coat of paint on your ceiling.
  • Cracking Ceilings – Those straight-line cracks and spiderweb cracks are always the way your ceiling tells you that you have a major problem starting. No matter what the issue is, it can get worse rather quickly. We recommend making the call to us as soon as you notice a small crack. Waiting for the crack to get worse may be the worst decision you make.
  • Sagging Ceilings – When a ceiling starts to sag, bow, or buckle, you will immediately know that you waited too long for ceiling repairs. This type of damage occurs when your ceiling can no longer take the extra weight. You must deal with this situation right away or your ceiling could collapse completely.
Fungus mold on ceiling
water damaged ceiling

How We Survey the Ceiling Damage and Provide Estimates for Ceiling Repairs

There is not one concrete way to survey ceiling damage, because every type of damage requires specific steps. However, every time we are called out to a home for an assessment, we follow the same basic guideline.

When we arrive, we allow you to show us the damage. We do not look at just that part of your ceiling though. We will let you know that we want to look at the ceilings throughout your entire home. This will allow us to see the condition of the rest of your ceilings. We may notice other subtle damage, that could have been caused by the same issue of the original ceiling damage.

There is almost always more than one way to do each type of ceiling repair. While this may be annoying to you at first, you will appreciate it when we go over all the steps of each option that is available to you.

You can then choose which option is the one that will work best for you. You may know the answer to it right away or you may need to hear the prices for each option. We do not mind providing written estimates for every option we give you. In fact, we prefer to do this, so you can make an informed decision.

We provide all the information you need in the estimates we give. This will include the areas we will be doing your ceiling repairs, what the actual work is, what materials will be used, how the work will be done, and the actual cost of the work.

There will never be any price ranges, variable amounts for materials, or anything else that may seem sketchy. We like to have everything in writing, so you can ask questions about anything that doesn’t make sense to you. This same information is included in our signed contracts too.

How We Do Ceiling Repairs

We tackle all our ceiling repairs in the same way. When we arrive, we go over what the project is for the day. Since we already created a plan during our assessment, all we need to do is follow that plan.

Things do change between assessments and the day the work is completed though. The damage could be a little worse or new damage may have popped up. Another thing that could happen is what we thought would work, won’t actually work and we need to implement Plan B. We always alert you when this happens, so you will never be surprised at the end.

Length of Time to Complete Ceiling Repairs

The length of time it takes to complete your ceiling repairs will be dependent on the amount of damage there is and what needs to be repaired. Normally, we can do minor repairs in a half of a day. Major repairs can take two to three days.

We will give you a time estimate of how long your ceiling repairs will take. We usually tell you a longer time, even though we know it won’t take as long. We do this, so you are happy when we are finished and out of your house a little sooner than you thought. We would prefer to do that then have you unhappy when we are there longer than we said we would be.

The length of time it will take will also be included on your written estimate and contract. This will ensure that all parties are aware of the time that was stated during the assessment.

Comprehensive Ceiling Repair Services We Offer

We offer so many comprehensive ceiling repair services here at RCIP. While we would love to list them all, we will simply focus on the main ones below.

  • Mould – Mould is a common thing on ceilings, and it is one of the ceiling repairs Perth we see the most. The mould normally grows in moist environments. The moisture is commonly from humidity, poor insulation, and even an unknown water leak that leaves standing water. We take our time to make sure we are repairing every section of ceiling that has mould in it, so you do not have any regrowth over time.
  • Cracked Ceilings – Cracked ceilings are also common. Sometimes you will see a crack and it will actually be peeling or chipping paint. Those cracks are not as bad as the bigger cracks. However, all cracks are caused by a problem of some sort. You must determine what is causing your cracks before you fix them, or those cracks will just keep on coming back. Really large cracks can be caused by structural damage. Those are the ones you will really want to have fixed sooner than later.
  • Sagging Ceilings – Ceilings are installed straight, so you should know almost immediately when it starts to sag. After all, the difference between a straight line and a slightly curved line is huge. Whenever you notice that your ceiling is sagging, you must call us right away. This is one of the ceiling repairs Perth that you cannot wait for tomorrow or the next day for. We will want to come out to assess the damage and secure your ceiling, so it does not collapse.
  • Gyprock Repairs – We do a lot of Gyprock repairs, because that is what most of the ceilings in Perth are constructed with. Gyprock is a type of plasterboard and you need skills to fix it properly. Yes, you could probably attempt the repairs on your own, but the results are not going to be as good as they would be if we did the work. We are not bragging here. It is just, we have been working with Gyprock for a very long time and we know this material very well. We even make sure we learn all the new tricks that continue to come out when it comes to repairing Gyprock.
  • Plaster Glass Ceiling Repairs Perth – We do a lot of work with plaster glass ceilings. We have honed our skills, so we can fix any crack, hole, or unsightly piece. When we are finished making these repairs, you will never know there was any damage to your plaster glass ceiling.
  • Re-Strapping – Most of the re-strapping work we do is with plaster glass ceilings. These ceilings are in many older homes, so do not worry that we won’t know what to do if you have this ceiling and it is damaged. We have seen almost everything with plaster glass ceilings and enjoy working on them. While replacing the straps is not always easy, it does result in a straight ceiling line once again.

Tips for Choosing a Ceiling Repairs Perth Company

When you are in need of ceiling repairs Perth, you are going to want to work with a company that understands your needs. Here at RCIP, we work hard on every ceiling repair we do, so our customers are always happy with the results.

We do have a couple tips that we would like to share with you, so you know how to choose a ceiling repairs Perth company for your ceiling damage.

  1. Always Work with a Reputable Company

There are so many people out there that say they can do the work, but they really have no idea what they are looking at half the time. Most of them open a company one year and shut down six months later. Then you have those companies that only open up during the summer in Perth, because the rest of the year they will be where it is warm in another part of the world. We recommend only working with companies that have a proven track record of ceiling repairs Perth.

  1. Always Work with Companies Who Provide Written Estimates and Contracts

We know we covered this above, but here at RCIP, we cannot stress enough how important this is! Having a written estimate and contract protects you, the homeowner. While a few companies are only interested in themselves, we prefer to make sure our customers are protected as well. Yes, the estimates and contracts cover us too, but we know you appreciate that we are looking out for you at the same time.

  1. Only Work with Companies that Assess Your Ceiling Damage First

If a company tells you that they do not need to come out to assess the ceiling damage in your home, they are not the company you want working for you. All ceiling repairs Perth companies need to assess the damage before they can provide an estimate or even know what type of work needs to be completed. Pictures via email and text messages do not provide the same information as being there in person.

We opened RCIP to help Perth residents will all their ceiling repairs needs. We are going to continue to strive to do the best repair work, while making sure our customers are happy throughout the entire process.

RCI Perth is a professional ceiling repairs Perth specialist for both offices and homes. We only use Australian-made products built for Australian homes and offices. Do not hesitate to contact us today: you’ll be glad you did!

Our Director, Vinnie, will personally assess your situation and oversee all projects from beginning to end. For all Ceiling Repairs Perth enquiries, please contact us below.

For all Roofing, Ceiling, and Insulation enquiries, please contact RCI Perth on 0405 911 287 or click here to arrange a free quotation.